Digital SLR Photography #166
Digital SLR Photography #166

Digital SLR Photography #166


In the A to Z of Photography, we expand your photo knowledge with our jargon-free explanations of all the most common photo terms; this issue we cover letters H - K. In Photo Expert, Ross Hoddinott provides you with his expert tips for shooting stunning insect close-ups. Our Hot Shot interview talks to music photographer John McMurtrie about his Tokyo Dot technique and limited-edition prints. Adam Burton takes a Photo Expedition to South Hams. Located on the south coast of Devon, this idyllic area contains some of the most beautiful coastline to be found anywhere in the southwest. We’ll also show you how a simple flash set-up can yield a multitude of portraits, how using camera movement can add an alternative approach to coastal abstracts, and all the fundamental advice you need to capture great images of wild flowers.

-             Photo Skills: Flexible flash set-ups for portraits.

-             The A to Z of Photography: Jargon-busting photographic terms.

-             Photo Expert: Tips and techniques for shooting insects.

-             Hot Shot: John McMurtrie reveals his Tokyo Dot print process.

-             Photo Expedition: Adam Burton visits the South Hams coast.

-             Gear: Fujifilm's enthusiast mirrorless X-T4 tested and rated.