The MagPi magazine #58
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The MagPi magazine #58
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The June 2017 issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, with a full Minecraft Maker Guide for coding in, and hacking, Minecraft Pi. We also show off some of the amazing AIY projects you folks have been making since last month’s AIY Projects Kit giveaway.

Plus all this inside The MagPi 58:

  • Build a web server
    Our step-by-step guide for this Pi classic
  • Develop a game
    Learn code the fun way by designing games
  • Make a music box
    Build a hands-free music synth
  • Weather lights
    Hack your staircase with some LEDs so you know how hot it is
  • Harry Potter-style magic paper
    Where is everyone? This project knows.
  • Pi Zero calendar
    Never miss a meeting with this simple project


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