The MagPi magazine #77
The MagPi magazine #77
The MagPi magazine #77
The MagPi magazine #77
The MagPi magazine #77
The MagPi

The MagPi magazine #77
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Discover how to make things with code and hack electronics in this month's edition of The MagPi magazine.

Plus all this inside The MagPi 77

  • Make with code
    Learn to code and control electronics
  • 20 amazing accessories
    The best Raspberry Pi kit and components
  • The PiDP-11
    Back to the 1970s with the rebirth of this classic retro computer
  • Build a smart door
    Control locks and keep your home safe with this door upgrade
  • Retro gaming with Picade Console
    The arcade joystick console with a Pi inside
  • Make a VDU
    Add VGA output and 8-bit sound to a Pi with the Propeller chip
  • Save files from the command line
    Improve your Linux skills by learning to save and restore files
  • WebPage Test smartphone farm
    Testing out websites with 24 Raspberry Pi and smartphone combinations
  • Top ten DACs
    Discover the best DAC add-ons for Raspberry Pi hi-fi
  • Win! 5 Cluster HATs up for grabs
    Create a Pi powerhouse with one of these brilliant boards
  • And much, much more

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