The MagPi magazine #59
The MagPi magazine #59
The MagPi magazine #59

The MagPi magazine #59


We take the Raspberry Pi PC challenge in the July issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, trying to see if you can replace your home PC with a Raspberry Pi. We also have twelve amazing summer projects to keep you busy in the hot weather, help you design a dog treat dispenser, and how to master Bluetooth for remote controlling your Pi.

Plus all this inside The MagPi 59:

  • Create a SatNav robot
    Using Big Rob for precision automation
  • Build a GPS tracking device
    The ultimate movement tracker
  • Web browser group test
    What is the best way to get online on a Pi?
  • Electronic wind chimes
    Upgrade this garden classic with a Pi
  • Build the world's smallest console
    Video games have never been so cute