The MagPi magazine #70
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The MagPi magazine #70
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Inside The MagPi magazine issue #70

We learn all about Home Automation and how to build your own smart devices around the house; turn sockets on and off, control lights, build smart doors (and doorbells) and install CCTV security with AI.

Plus! Teslonda - the Tesla/Honda hybrid that uses Raspberry Pi for a dashboard. We've also got a an interview with Jim Belosic and Micheal Matthews, who built this incredible project. A new favourite for many on The MagPi team.

Also in this issue:

  • Upcycle Old Tech and let nothing go to waste 
  • Use Minecraft with tmux 
  • Build a Magnetic Music Machine
  • Transfer files wirelessly with SSH
  • Create a Tweeting Teddy Bear
And much, much more!

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