The MagPi magazine #73
The MagPi magazine #73
The MagPi magazine #73

The MagPi magazine #73


Everything you need to design, create, and distribute your own video games in The MagPi #73. Discover video game techniques, tools and where to join game jams and events. 

Plus all this inside The MagPi 73:

  • Learn to code with classic BBC TV programmes
    The BBC Computer Literacy archive is now available. Hundreds of classic TV shows teach essential computing skills.
  • Google's AIY Edge Accelerator 
    The USB dongle that gives Raspberry Pi amazing AI speed.
  • Home Security
    Keep the crooks out of your home with a range of Raspberry Pi home security projects.
  • Build a Teenage Dinner Klaxon
    Call your kids to dinner (without raising your voice) with this automated dinner caller.
  • Race AI Cars with Formula Pi
    Behind the scenes with the Raspberry Pi AI racing event.
  • And much, much more!