The MagPi magazine #75
The MagPi magazine #75
The MagPi magazine #75
The MagPi magazine #75
The MagPi magazine #75

The MagPi magazine #75


The 75 Greatest Raspberry Pi Projects star in this month's edition of The MagPi.

We asked our entire community, and stars from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, to unearth the best projects around. The result is an inspirational list of things to create. 

Also! Install the brand-new Raspberry Pi TV HAT official add-on board. Discover how to record and watch live television on your Raspberry Pi.

Plus all this inside The MagPi 75:

  • 4D Arcade
    Building an arcade cabinet that sprays water in your face when you crash.

  • Add 433MHz radio
    Build a secret chat device with Raspberry Pi to send and receive messages

  • Vintage knitting
    How one engineer hacked a knitting machine to create a giant star map

  • Camera Module
    How to add sight to your projects with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. Plus! The best Camera Projects around.

  • Starter kits
    These amazing bundles make getting started with Raspberry Pi a breeze.

  • Minecraft resources
    Hack, build and code virtual worlds with Minecraft Pi.

  • Maker Faire New York
    The team visit the states and check out some amazing builds.

  • And much, much more