The MagPi magazine #76
The MagPi magazine #76
The MagPi magazine #76
The MagPi magazine #76

The MagPi magazine #76


Get going with your Raspberry Pi using our Superguide.

Fresh for 2019, the Superguide covers every essential angle to Raspberry Pi. From all the features in the latest version of Raspbian OS, through to basic physical computing and brilliant starter projects.

Plus! The most in-depth guide to the new Raspberry Pi 3A+ around. Discover the exact specifications, pore over accurate benchmark tests, and read all about the development with interviews with Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi co-founder and Roger Thornton, Principal Hardware Engineer.

Plus all this inside The MagPi 76:

  • Code Pac-Man
    Use Python to recreate this classic ghost-chasing arcade game.

  • Hack smart lights
    Use a Raspberry Pi to hack into smart lights and make them even smarter. A great project for Christmas lighting.

  • The best Christmas gifts
    Discover a range of Raspberry Pi goodies that are perfect stocking fillers.

  • rCrumbl smartphone
    Building a 3G smartphone with a Raspberry Pi and touchscreen display.

  • Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse
    One reader built ten working models of a lighthouse for a wedding party.

  • Scratch resources
    Teach and learn coding with the best Scratch programming tutorials, websites, and books.

  • Nybble: The open-source kitten
    Learn advanced quadruped robotics with this cute wooden cat.

  • The 14-foot high face
    How multiple Raspberry Pi computers control a gigantic animated sculpture.

  • And much, much more