The MagPi magazine #84
The MagPi magazine #84
The MagPi magazine #84
The MagPi magazine #84
The MagPi magazine #84

The MagPi magazine #84


Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Guide in the latest issue of The MagPi magazine.

Inside The MagPi 84...

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Guide
    The ultimate guide to the world’s greatest computer
  • The best summer projects
    Get out and about with these amazing outdoor projects
  • Build a low-cost robot
    Discover the components you need to build an ultra-cheap wheeled robot
  • The Smart Home Herb Garden
    Grow bigger herbs with Google’s Smart Home API
  • Race around with the Marvin Go-Kart project
    Building a garden go-kart from Raspberry Pi and a golf trolley motor
  • Get retro with PIC-20
    Adapting an old VIC-20 computer with Raspberry Pi
  • Set up SSH on a Raspberry Pi
    Remote control and file sharing with SSH
  • Use CircuitPython to control servos
    Discover how to use CircuitPython on Raspberry Pi
  • Build Demolition Man’s swear fine machine
    Use smart voice detection and a thermal printer to build this fun project
  • Learn Lua with PICO-8
    Make your own retro games with the Lua language
  • Build a squeeze controller racing game
    Use the squeeze controller to build your own racetrack game
  • 10 projects to upgrade with Raspberry Pi 4
    The best projects crying out for a Raspberry Pi 4 upgrade
  • Plus! Win one of three Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kits