The MagPi magazine #97
The MagPi magazine #97
The MagPi magazine #97
The MagPi magazine #97
The MagPi magazine #97

The MagPi magazine #97


3D Printing & Making in The MagPi 97. Discover 3D printing, laser cutting, and crafting techniques and make your own Raspberry Pi kit.

  • 3D Printing & Making. Design, craft, and build your own Raspberry Pi accessories.
  • DOSBox-X legal game emulation. Use GOG, innoextract, DOSBox, and ScummVM to buy, extract, and run PC gaming classics on Raspberry Pi, from Zork to Blade Runner.
  • Flash photography with the HQ Camera. Add an LED flash to your camera setup to shoot images in low light.
  • Extend your Home Music system. Extend the capabilities of your music system with Mopidy extensions and access a world of audio.
  • Build a Home Monitoring Dashboard. Attach temperature, humidity, pressure, and luminosity sensors to a Raspberry Pi and monitor your home.
  • Control a Raspberry Pi 4 with an iPad Pro. Hook up Raspberry Pi to an iPad Pro with a single USB-C cable and share the power and data connection.
  • Build your own touchscreen display with Tap-an-LED. Tap-an-LED brings you a touch interface on a 16×8 multicoloured LED matrix, for emulating a Monome, generating new user interfaces, and playing games
  • Code Gauntlet’s four-player co-op. Make a game with four players on the screen at once.
  • Discover the great CrowPi2 electronics kit. Our review explains why this might be the best electronics starter kit on the market.
  • Space exploration at home with our M.A.R.S Rover review. Build this replica of the robots exploring Mars and discover how robotics is changing our understanding of the cosmos.
  • The 10 Best starter kits. Stuck for getting started with Raspberry Pi? These kits are a great place to get going.
  • Learn Scratch 3 with our resources. Scratch is a highly visual language that makes programming a piece of cake. Our collection of books, websites, and videos will help you bake up a program in no time.
  • Alan O’Donohoe interview. One of the original Raspberry Jams celebrates its 100th meeting. We talk to one of its organisers.
  • Discover the Oktoberfest Pinball Machine. Play a real pinball machine online thanks to the power of Raspberry Pi, a streaming camera, and interactive flippers.
  • Spin the RadioGlobe. This globe rotates and plays a radio station for the selected location.
  • Display art with the Retro Gaming NES frame. The perfect way to display classic retro art.

Plus! Win PiCar-V 2.0 robot car kits.