The MagPi magazine #71

The MagPi magazine #71


Inside The MagPi magazine issue #71

We learn how to get Android up-and-running on a Raspberry Pi. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a touchscreen device, install apps, and control electronics with Android Things.

Plus! Build a fully working weather station that tracks temperature, rainfall, and wind speed/direction. We love this project. It combines off-the-shelf components, sensors, and code to keep an eye on the climate right in your back yard.

We've also got some amazing projects this issue, including a Raspberry Pi Seeing Wand that uses Microsoft AI to speak the name of anything it points at. Another project uses AI to count the value of Magic: The Gathering card collections. There's also a chess board that uses magnets to magically move its pieces.

Also in this issue:

  • Build your own oscilloscope 
  • Create games with Pygame Zero
  • Discover remote access via VNC
  • Construct a Raspberry Pi wildlife camera
  • Pi-hole: block adverts across your whole network

And much, much more!